Amida Lifestyle Magazine June 2024

With the start of another season comes more opportunities for new adventures for you and your loved ones. This issue of the Amida Lifestyle Magazine is brimming with inspiration to help you have an unforgettable season: a look at adult summer camps, a guide to six dog-friendly destinations, two fresh summer recipes, and tips for giving your home an eco-friendly makeover.

Camp for Grown Ups

If you’re interested in a fresh approach to summer getaways, an adult camp could be just the thing for you. Such a trip offers a unique blend of nostalgic and grown-up fun that can invigorate and refresh you all at once. The enclosed guide dives into what a few of these different camps across the country have to offer.

Amazing Dog-friendly Vacation Destinations

You know how special my little Milú is. As you plan your next vacation, you may also be on the hunt for spots that are ideal for your pooch. Luckily, numerous pet-friendly destinations in America provide unique experiences for you and your furry friend. Inside, learn more about six of the top places to consider visiting this summer.

Seriously Scrumptious Fare

From ripe tomatoes to sweet plums, summer brings a bounty of delectable produce to try. This issue includes a pair of scrumptious recipes for a side salad and dessert crisp from (Serious) New Cook that feature nature’s bounty at its best.

Sustainable Summer Decorating

This year, bring the essence of the season indoors by giving your home an eco-friendly makeover. Featuring sustainable decorating tips, the article inside explores how you can embrace summer’s best elements while giving your home a much-needed refresh.

Here’s to a fantastic summer season! As always, it’s a pleasure to send you this magazine.


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