The Future of Aging

Our journeys begin at birth. Yet there are misconceptions, even in the financial world, that milestones such as retirement signify an absolute end to this journey. This could not be farther from the truth. Although lifestyles may shift throughout aging, your spirit and journey has only begun. 

One of Amida’s central values is to live in the present and be mindful. The future is involved in this narration as well, however, as much as our today affects our tomorrow. The present can offer opportunity and assistance for goals in the near or distant future – this is the key to facing aging.  

Society has experienced immense transformations, elongating life expectancy and using medical tools to enhance current life satisfaction. Yet something has lagged behind. There persists an idea of an end that, upon reaching it, does not actually exist. Retirement is often a milestone people use to adjust investments, alter consumption, and generally anticipate life changes. What does this actually look like financially, as well as emotionally? How can we contemplate our futures, our aging process? Most importantly, how can we resist ageist messages to instead embrace the process of aging as the best opportunity in life?  

What Changes 

It is entirely natural and human for priorities to shift as one gets older. What was important to you at 16 probably did not hold true at 25, or 42. This is significant to your finances as preparing for retirement may not be on your radar right now, but it will become insurmountably important down the line. Although we believe retirement is not an endgame situation, it does bring about a lifestyle change that should be anticipated and planned for.  

At the moment, it is critical to assess your opinions, standing, and ideal state once retirement arrives. Invest in your future self’s interests. Nothing in life is promised except change, but you can use this to your advantage with long-term savings and interest rates. As Suze Orman, author of “Women & Money”, stated, “You should be investing more in your 20s than you do in your 30s if you can. The younger you are, compounding of money comes into effect.” If you are in your 30s and 40s and are not comfortable with your current savings, connect with us today for a session of planning and guidance. 

The changes within aging can cause apprehension, especially when there can be restrictions in capability. However, many areas of fear are not founded on facts; there are many resources available for emotional and cognitive health support, and moving physically is not completely out of the question (but in fact encouraged!). Take the time to unpack any twinges of nervousness you hold for the future and ask if it is inherently tied to aging, or rather a fear of the unknown. 

Independence throughout your years has been elevated and made possible by technology, health, and societal acknowledgment that retirement is not the end of your life. Transformation teems within all aspects of our society, with digital methods, greener energy, and social connection driving a better future. While your wisdom, physical body, and experiences change as you age, so does the entire world. Anticipate these changes with excitement and an open mind.  

What Stays the Same 

We have discussed the changes of life’s stages but there are many qualities about yourself that will remain the same no matter your age. Core values, interests, and personal likes/dislikes are an engrained component of your personality. Growing older does not equate to resigning for what is expected. Aging today is not sitting on a rocking chair watching TV, or needing to give up life activities you enjoy.  

Similarly, your interest in having enough money to support your lifestyle and interests has been consistent over the years. It likely motivates you in the now to change careers, take on opportunities, and learn more about hot topics such as crypto and NFTs. Your motivation to learn more about the world around you will not dissipate with age. And, if you’ve invested well, there may be more time and opportunity to explore the world down the line. 

What else stays the same? The presence of community and loved ones. We would get nowhere without the individuals who encourage, support, and inspire us through our journeys. Just as you have been helped, do not forget to reach back and open doors for new generations coming in. Acts of kindness persevere through any era, any age, and any situation. Pass it along. 

You have passion. You have a purpose. You have activities you want to achieve beyond a prescribed age.  and by utilizing your resources wisely, you can accomplish them. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to aging, we understand the end point. But the journey along the way is not limited to a pre-defined lifestyle for certain decades. With technological and medical advancements, our futures have expanded tremendously. And most importantly, everything you already have within you is intentionally, passionately, and beautifully capable. Accept your individuality, understand your desires for your life path long-term, and act today to make tomorrow a more peaceful, restful place to thrive. 



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