A Fighter’s Journey

“The hardest opponent I fought was myself…and now it’s time to put that opponent away.” 

Jonathan Brookins

Ultimate Fighter, Jonathan Brookins shared these words in a documentary on his own personal journey after winning the 12th Season UFC Finale. The documentary is by Jon Braeley from Empty Mind Films. Thank you, Jon, for always being true to yourself! 

The first time I heard these words, tears rolled down my cheeks. It was forever an impactful moment to my soul. We learn through experiences and when we fight, or place our energy into it, is because we are surviving, preserving, perhaps not willing to let it go. Knowing when to accept peace in your life can feel like surrender, which can seem like giving up. It is actually a sign of strength to know when to move on. Understanding this is essential for the beginning of our transformation

Letting go is an important aspect of our growth. Our lives, our finances, our wealth achievements all come with pre-conceived notions of money from our past – parents, family, friends, and experiences. Money is present differently for everyone, but there is a message across the board that fighting is necessary to obtain it.  

Money is such an integral part of our society and, many times, how we define ourselves. Consequently, fighting to be where you want financially can feel like fighting yourself, creating a hard cycle of negativity and comparison. Wealth is often associated with money. We want to expand this definition of wealth and bring a new fresh perspective to money, the connection we have with it, how it is present in our lives and how it becomes a platform to launch us to new heights. 

Abiding by pre-conceived notions does not work for everyone and learning how to adapt, stop fighting, and strategize with money is challenging. Understanding and creating new thought processes, behaviors, and habits takes a lot of courage and hard work.  Becoming present allows us to begin this change; having the strength to face these notions and build new behaviors takes courage. 

We at Amida believe in your aspirations and life value, and we know how to best use your resources to maximize your wealth, both in money and wellbeing. Connect with us for guidance (link). The beauty of living is that we get to reinvent ourselves, fall, learn, grow and become an even better version than we were yesterday. The journey is tough but it does not need to be a constant battle. 

Keep on reaching new heights! Welcome growth and recognize when it is time to bring peace with yourself, this is where the lesson is learned! 



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