Amida Lifestyle Magazine November 2020

The holiday season is upon us and a welcome change of pace that brings more time to spend with family and friends, the return of time-honored traditions, and an overall uplifting feeling—all things that are needed now more than ever. After a year of change, tradition sometimes brings warmth and comfort to our souls. To honor this feeling, this month we wanted to share ways to preserve the best parts of the holidays, even if they look a little different this year.

From carving the turkey to caroling to wrapping presents, the end of the year is teeming with beloved activities that help make it such a special time. If 2020 has already put a different spin on celebrating other holidays, these ideas for starting entirely new traditions can help you and your family make the most of this season.

Whether you’re planning on hosting the whole family or are preparing for a slightly smaller crowd, this guide for crafting an incredible Thanksgiving table setting will preserve some of the magic and make your dinner feel special—regardless of how many places are set.

And what’s a Thanksgiving table without a plethora of delicious dishes? Instead of preparing the typical meal, making recipes with smaller portions and alternative ingredients will prove just as tasty and can help prevent an overabundance of leftovers.

One thing people are always thankful for this time of year are heartfelt conversations with loved ones. But if you can’t have them in-person, why not try an old-fashioned method: letter writing? It’s personal, intimate, and a great way to stay in touch despite the distance.

No matter what your holiday season is poised to look like for 2020, may you find a way to celebrate and make this time feel special. Our life is a journey full of times passed and experiences lived. Live for those moments you just can’t put words to. As always, Amida Wealth is here to help you through change and to live more connected lives as you Transform Your Vision of Wealth.

Amida Lifestyle Magazine: November 2020

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